Mac Robinson

Mac Robinson


  • I was born and raised in the great state of Alabama; the south has and always will be my home. I grew up playing traditional sports: Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Soccer. I even competed in gymnastics for close to 5 years. I always loved being outdoors and engaging in any kind of physical activity. I spent every summer of my childhood, camping, fishing, wakeboarding, and riding jet skis at my families lake house in Tennessee. I started working out my sophomore year of high school, after I got into some trouble and my dad gave me an ultimatum. I could either come home immediately after school, or I could go to the gym with him. I chose the gym. My junior and senior year I focused mainly on football and soccer, and worked as a lifeguard during the summer, which led me to join the swim and dive team, going on to win state my senior year, After I graduated, I had planned on attending the University of Alabama on a possible athletic scholarship, but my father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, so I decided to attend a school closer to home so I could be near him. Although I I didn’t attend UofA, I will forever be an Alabama Crimson Tide Football Fan, Its in my blood.I got my degree in Health and Wellness Mgmt. with a minor in Health Fitness from Athens State University. While attending college I worked as a manger for a local Nutrition Store called Xtreme Nutrition. We catered to the more serious athlete/weightlifter versus the everyday gym goer, I had always had a passion for fitness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but that job is where i was first introduced to the world of men’s physique and competitive bodybuilding. I was immediately infatuated and wanted to compete. I’ve competed in a fewmen’s physique competitions and placed top 5 in all of them, I’m nationally qualified but haven’t decided if I’m going to continue to compete. My ideal physique is rarely seen, because there is really no competition to showcase it. For the past 2yrs I’ve been trying to achieve my idea of perfection, an athletic build with a lot more muscle mass than men’s physique, but not as extreme as bodybuilding, A larger physique that remains aesthetically pleasing and can be maintained year round. In the summer of 2014 my good friend and training partner encouraged me to pursue a career in fitness modeling; I did my first photo shoot shortly after. Since then, I’ve traveled to some amazing places, shot with some of the best fitness photographers in the business,published on the cover of several romance novels, and most importantly I’ve been able to motivate and help so many people achieve there fitness goals. In January of 2015 I was offered the greatest opportunity of my life, to be part of the best team in the Fitness Industry, FitStrong. I believe in the saying, work hard, play hard. Life is to short not to enjoy it, but no one’s going to achieve success for you. If you want something bad enough, you have to go out and get it! Its about finding the right balance. “Now that’s the sweet spot” Roll Tide


  • Mac Robinson


  • Placed 5th Fewmen's Physique Competitions