Angelica Kathleen

Angelica Kathleen


  • There’s more to me than just the selfies I post, and like you I have a story. I want you to get to know the real me, and the roads I traveled to get to where I am today.From the time I could remember I was always active. Growing up I played just about every sport: softball, basketball, football, cheerleading, dance (yes, the last two are a sport! :P) I had my first gym membership at the age of 15 and fortunately my parents also did their part in instilling healthy habits in my life. Yet all of this positive upbringing and healthy habits went down the drain when I moved away from home to attend the University of South Florida.I took the most out of my new found college freedom and would go out and party about 3-5 days a week. My diet consisted of alcohol, fast food, candy, and the occasional PB&J sandwich or tuna melt that I would whip for myself between classes. I was also not as active anymore. My work outs consisted of boring cardio sessions and lacked any resistance training. (I was one of those who thought weight lifting made you look manly, shhhh….) While many college students battle “freshman fifteen” and gain weight, I had the opposite problem- I didn’t eat. I would rather spend my money on clothes to go out in and bar tabs than on nutritious food. There was even a time when I came home to visit my family and my parents were concerned saying that I look way too skinny (aka boarder line anorexic.) Naturally, I was always top heavy and had a very disproportionate frame. I was also what many would term to be known as “skinny fat.” I became very uncomfortable in my own skin and knew something had to change.I had some friends who competed in NPC bikini competitions, and with some further research I made the decision to enter one. I spent hours watching videos on weight training tutorials and bikini posing routines, and I read tons of articles from sites like about nutrition and supplementation. I traded my high heels for Nikes and began to prep for my first competition.  Months passed and it was June 16, 2012, the day of my first show. Through all the nervousness, I took home first place and was the overall runner up. All the sweat and tears paid off and the feeling of standing on stage holding my trophy was unlike anything I have ever felt before. This accomplishment was the spark that lit my fire for the fitness industry. I soon landed sponsorships and a career in fitness and modeling. I became nationally qualified at my 2nd show and I am a top nationally ranked bikini athlete with aspirations to compete pro level.  Since then I have focused on educating myself to not only make improvements in my life, but to inspire others to do the same. I am now an ISSA (International Sports & Science Association) certified fitness trainer and online coach, with many clients locally and all over the globe.  I am also an author of a 12 week fitness guide- Bikini Body Blueprints, that is available for instant download worldwide (with many other training guides to come.)Fitness and health truly transformed my life and gave it a purpose. I hope that sharing my story with others will inspire individuals to break out of their old habits and hatch a new life of confidence, self-worth, and happiness.


  • Angelica Kathleen



  • May 25, 1992 (gemini)



  • 5’3”



  • 110 lb. (contest)-115 lb. (off season)


  • ISSA (International Sports & Science Association)
    certified fitness trainer and online coach,
  • I am also an author of a 12 week fitness
    guide- Bikini Body Blueprints