FitStrong Background & Mission Statement

FitStrong was created in 2013 as an online personal training company and was originally called "Fit Strong Fitness".  In 2014, Joseph Fazio expanded that vision by shortening the name to "FitStrong" and expanded the company's scope.  In 2015, FitStrong began providing high quality sports nutrition products backed by scientific research IN ADDITION TO providing the same top notch training/coaching that it had in the past.  

With the addition of FitStrong Supplements, FitStrong as a brand NOW represents a mindset, a personal training company and a high quality sports nutrition company all in one.  

Joseph Fazio, Founder/CEO, is proud to be a United States Disabled Veteran and has over 10 years experience in health/fitness and 17 years experience in entertainment.  Being "FitStrong" represents your ability to be "FIT" from both a mental and physical capacity and "STRONG" in your convictions.  

Being "FitStrong" can mean many things.  Whether it is achieving the highest level of physical performance possible or maintaining integrity in the face of adversity, calling yourself "FitStrong", and saying the words #IAMFITSTRONG means you've prepared yourself for the battle and are ready to face your challenges, whatever they are, as the best possible version of yourself!